… for me, it takes a WOMAN.

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About 46 Million Americans Now Own Bitcoin

but also

Americans Still Don’t Understand How Bitcoin Works

That’s an interesting dichotomy, isn’t it?

There was a real convergence why I’m suddenly interested in Bitcoin. The number one reason is — as the second statement above points out — I haven’t understood how Bitcoin works. The number two reason was that understanding bitcoin has been a part of an internship my son was applying for. …

It forces you to check your ego at the door

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I’ve had my share of rejection lately.

I think all of us writers tend to see the rejection note (or no note at all, just the rejection) from publications and we’re quite surprised. We “thought” we had read the submission guidelines carefully. We were under the impression that our piece was grammatically correct and would be interesting to readers.

We. were. wrong.

I really hate to say this, but doggone it, Tim Dennings was absolutely right when he wrote: “Rejection is Just an Opinion”. Truer words were never spoken.

I’ve never been an…

What it can do for you and your success!

Garth Brooks at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, CA By Sterling Munksgard on Shutterstock

At the Kennedy Center Honors show for 2021, Kelly Clarkson sang a gorgeous rendition of Garth Brooks’ song “The Dance.” While it was happening, of course the camera panned to Garth, tears in his eyes.

No surprise there.

What separates Garth Brooks from many of the other recipients as they watched other extremely talented people perform their greatest hits was how he showed his appreciation for Kelly’s version of his music.

He bounced up out of his chair, almost catapulting himself skyward — whipped his hat off his head saying “Man!” and “Whoooooo!”, with the tears streaming down his face…

I’m fairly sure this never happened to you.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I was in the back seat of a car.

Driving through farmland can be beautiful. Unfortunately, where we were driving was not that kind of farmland. Our drive was through mostly desert, with some farms, some animals, and a lot of mess.

Life was so dull at this point in time, that a drive through ugly farmland was a better choice than staying at home. Besides, Grandma loved to go on a drive.

Grandma was seriously the sweetest lady. Not a great cook, loved to watch “Wheel of Fortune,” and took care of my husband and me as we lived…

If she wasn’t, she shoulda been

Flannery O’Connor on American postage stamp by spatuletail at Shutterstock

I’m pretty sure that I have read Flannery O’Connor. This also means I’m pretty sure that I read Flannery O’Connor and said “never again.”

In current vernacular, Flannery was cray cray.

I mean, she was definitely one of a kind, that woman. And thank God.

Now, now, I know a lot of you English majors out there are appalled at my stance on Flannery. She was innovative! She was a great Southern Writer (capital S and capital W)! She was… what we could call… “somethin’ else”.

The woman could write. Frankly, she could write the pants off of many male…

The reality is often different from your expectations.

Cybersport pro gamer live streaming game By Iconic Bestiary on Shutterstock

Ninja, aka Tyler Blevins, is a Twitch streamer. He’s not just any Twitch streamer… he’s an almost 10 million dollars per year streamer. After graduating from a Chicago high school, Ninja immediately became a professional gamer. By 2017, he had 500,000 followers. By February 2021, he reached $100,000 million status.

This is who my son wants to be.

My guess is, he’s not alone. About a billion parents out there trying to reason with their kids that being a professional gamer/streamer isn’t a great life plan.

Thing is — it is becoming increasingly difficult to make this argument. Parents can…

We need to give them out and learn to receive them appropriately

Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels

Why is it that women have such a hard time receiving compliments and responding appropriately?

I read a fantastic story by @lucia-landini called “What I Have Learned From Giving Compliments To Women I Never Met Before” on this very subject, and it reminded me of an interesting experience I had.

I was living in Washington D.C. I hadn’t made many friends yet, so I was out shopping at a bookstore by myself. As I went to leave the bookstore, a glamorous woman who looked to be close to my age opened the door as she was entering the store, and…

Beet sutures that change color when there’s an infection

Photo by Natalia Fogarty on Unsplash

When I think of a school science fair, I think of kids standing by their styrofoam solar system projects or their Mt. Vesuvius explosions. I was never there as a kid. I was too cool for school. Literally.

But Dasia Taylor is VERY cool. Because for Dasia Taylor’s school project, she researched and discover that sutures soaked in beet juice will turn from a bright red color to dark purple when there is a pH level of 9 — which would show when a wound has become infected.


Dasia is thinking globally. While I’m sitting in my tiny little town…

Surprising, but true…

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

I woke up this morning, an absolutely lovely Sunday morning, to this tweet:

Sarah Silverman retweet of a Sesame Street clip posted on Twitter

If you click on the tweet or otherwise search for the tweet, and then watch it, you will be paid with enormous amounts of joy. Pure joy.

I cannot remember the last time I walked away feeling truly good after reading tweets.

The joy continued

It was the most unusual experience … reading tweet after tweet and reading good stories about nice or accomplished people.

Some of this has to do with picking the right people to follow. I…

Are lake tsunami’s a thing?

Photo by Julieanne Benson on Unsplash

We heard about some earthquakes hitting the Lake Tahoe area yesterday, Friday, May 28th, through friends' posts online. This is my husband’s old stomping grounds, and I grew up in California, so earthquakes in that area make us wake up and take notice.

For those of you who have never experienced earthquake movement, it’s quite the experience. All of my growing up years, at least once a year, was spent feeling the earth move. It’s especially fun when you have climbed a tree when you are around ten years old, and the earth decides to move THEN. …

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